Careers - Support

Careers - Support

Technical Support: 1 Position Open

Technical Support Technician


      • Proprietary Software/Hardware Troubleshooting
      • Proprietary Software Installation
      • Proprietary Software Training/Support
      • Assist Customers with Day-to-Day Support
      • Assemble Devices for Testing/Demonstration
      • Proactively Manage Customer Issues


      • Team Player! We are like a family in the Engineering Department
      • A-Plus Certification (highly recommended but not required)
      • Hands-on Experience with Basic Electronics
      • Ability to Read Line Drawings, Diagrams, Schematics (such as automotive schematics)
      • Proficiency with a Multi-Meter, Soldering, Basic Wiring, Basic Components, etc.
      • Multi-Lingual (highly recommended, not absolutely required)
      • Working Knowledge of PC Networks, Wired & Wireless
      • Basic Database Knowledge
      • Great Interpersonal & Customer Care Skills
      • Top-Notch Critical Thinking Skills
      • Valid Driver's License
      • Valid Passport (recommended)
      • Pass a Criminal Background-Check
      • Willingness to Sign a Non-Disclosure/Non-Compete Agreement


      • Competitive Wages
      • 401k Plan
      • Paid Insurance (Blue Cross)
      • Paid Vacation/Holidays
      • Annual Bonuses
      • You are part of a team and matter. You are not just another button pusher.

      Email resume to all of the following:,,

Engineering: Closed

Programming: Closed