The new breed of intelligent machines that are core to Industry 4.0 will eliminate waste

Read full article here Fleet management technologies continue to become more capable and more diverse, even as some fleet managers are trying to figure out what all the data means. To help set the table for success, Modern explores some of the flavors available. By Josh Bond The journey to reform fleet management practices looks … Continue Reading »


Keytroller, a designer, manufacturer and supplier of electronic safety and weighing devices, was recognized by Plant Engineering during its Product of the Year awards program. Keytroller’s FOREWARNER-MAXI, which has been chosen as a finalist in the 2016 awards program, is an overhead crane warning LED spotlight – developed to improve pedestrian awareness and operator control … Continue Reading »

Keytroller’s CYBERWATCH LAN: A Simple and Inexpensive Wireless Hour – Alarm Meter

Read the article Everyday, countless companies are faced with the real and often costly predicament of how to monitor and track the usage and alarm conditions of their equipment. Solving this issue, Keytroller, an industry leader as a designer, manufacturer and supplier of electronic safety and weighing devices, has unveiled the CYBERWATCH LAN – a … Continue Reading »

CE TechTrends – Technology and Software Rundown

Read Full Article Here Keytroller’s new CYBERWATCH LAN wireless hour and alarm meter provides monitoring on equipment such as forklifts, generators, compressors and powered vehicles, with no monthly service cost. Users can monitor usage, idling, maintenance needs and alarm warnings (such as low fuel or impacts) with optional sensors for monitoring impact, voltage, hydraulic, usage, pneumatic and … Continue Reading »

Material Handling & Logistics – New Products

Click Here to view full article. Keytroller has introduced Engine-Saver, an advanced equipment engine protection system that monitors critical forklift engine functions and warns an operator of critical issues prior to the onset of engine damage and failure. This compact system monitors the equipment’s oil pressure and coolant temperature, alarming an operator visually and/or audibly … Continue Reading »

Building Talk

Click Here to view full article. Midland Lead has invested £122,000 into supply chain upgrades, in a move that marks part of a wider drive to support emissions reductions in the UK. A substantial part of overall investment has welcomed five environmentally-friendly forklifts on site, including four Hangcha XF25s and a Hangcha XAC425. Replacing older … Continue Reading »

Refrigerated Transporter

Click Here to view full article. Keytroller’s hydraulic forklift scale supplies high-accuracy weighing Beginning July 1, 2016, container weight verification will be required for all marine shipments, as mandated by the International Marine Organization (IMO). According to IMO, “the responsibility for obtaining and documenting the verified gross mass of a packed container lies with the … Continue Reading »