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IR Transmitter and Receiver
IR Transmitter and Receiver
IR Receiver
IR Transmitter
IR Transmitter

How the IR ZONETROLLER works:

Transmitter mounted at boundary sends out two different pulse patterns (restricted zone and unrestricted zone). When the receiver on the vehicle crosses over the IR boundary it picks up the different pulse pattern which causes the device to turn on (or off) an external relay. This relay input actuate high or low speed setting in SPEED-SAVER EL device.


  1. Connects to vehicle power supply (12VDC) and mounts externally to vehicle. Use voltage converter if mounted to electric vehicles
  2. Receiver reads IR input for OK "safe" zone, when 2nd IR signal is detected it recognizes it's moved to restricted zone--relay actuated
  3. Module drives relay which can:
    1. Actuate high and/or low speed in the SPEED SAVER EL device automatic control of top speed.


  1. Plug in device 12VDC plug in power supply into 110VAC outlet to power transmitter
  2. Mount transmitter over zone boundary (example: over door - inside "safe" zone - outside "restricted" zone)
  3. Device transmits two different IR signals - one in "safe zone" and a different one in "restricted zone".

How it works:

  • Transmitter broadcasts IR light to each side of the boundary below it
  • One side of the boundary is lit up with IR light at certain frequency
  • Other side of the boundary is lit up with IR light at different frequency
  • Receiver picks up IR detects moving from one area to another by frequency
  • When zone changes, the receiver turns on/off a relay which can control

Different options of control:

Turn on/off external flashing siren alarm
Alarm on in restricted zone -alarm off in safe zone)
Shut down vehicle when in restricted zone
Input to Aux 2 on Keytroller icon on display times out + shut down ignition
Turn power on/off to speed sensor on Keytroller
Shows speedometer in restricted (low speed) zone and turns off in high speed zone
Turn power on/off to SPEED SAVER top speed controller for cable accellerators
Controls speed automatically in low speed zone by restricting stroke of throttle
Turn power on/off to SPEED SAVER EL top speed controller for electronic accellerators
Controls speed automatically in low speed zone by restricting MV output


For ANY make or model forkift, construction equipment, cranes! Automatic inforcement or accountability for high and low speed areas.