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  • LCD screen with adjustable mounting bracket.
  • Hydraulic pressure sensor


  • Totalizing function for the addition of numerous loads.
  • LCD readout in Lbs or Kgs.
  • LCD indicates load as a elivei weight and bar graph of load status.
  • Accuracy +/- 2% of truck capacity. (within 100# on a 5000# capacity forklift)
  • Single button user control (Reset to zero) for easy operation.
  • Initial audible alarm at 90% of permitted load with continuous audible alarm and flashing display at and in excess of 100%.
  • Overload logging capability.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Proven technology in a robust waterproof enclosure sealed to IP67 for outdoor usage.
  • Unique bracket enables installation of the instrument in any position for easy viewing by operator.
  • Optional external light bar to indicate load from 50% through to 110% of load capacity.
  • "Live" weight shown on display and % of full load capacity
  • Driver lifts load to "weighing height" marked on the mast (also point where device was calibrated)
  • Driver presses "read" button or uses external "thumb switch" included in + model, recorded weight is displayed


  • Increases loading safety in yard and/or warehouse.
  • Value-adding system for minimal investment.
  • Allows correct and even loading of storage and vehicles.
  • Enables check-weighing of incoming and outgoing goods.
  • Identifies operators and forklifts at risk through memory feature.
  • Increases vehicle efficiency.
  • Maintains accuracy; requires no periodic re-calibration or servicing.
  • Promotes best operator use.
  • Maintains lifting capacity and driver visibility.