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  • Gear tooth speed sensor that is to be installed in axle differential to read gear speed
  • Controller with indicator LEDs and adjustment pots
  • Connection cable to alternator for RPM input
  • Connection cable to directional control solenoids


  • Speed and engine RPM thresholds are set in the TIRE-SAVER controller
  • When the changes direction (forward to reverse OR reverse to forward) controller checks speed and RPM
  • If EITHER the vehicle travel speed or engine RPM are above the threshold set
  • Directional change does NOT take place! Forces operator to brake to slow the vehicle
  • When the vehicle speed and engine RPM are reduced below setpoints, the directional change is made


  • Standard = 610-210
  • Toyota Gen 7 & 8 = 610-091
  • Nissan DO1, DO2, J01& JO2 = 610-092
  • Nissan LX = 610-093 (cost difference)
  • Caterpillar & Mitsubishi = K Series = 610-090
  • Caterpillar & Mitsubishi = N Series = 610-093 (cost difference)
  • Komatsu = 610-094
  • A "standard" TIRE-SAVER kit comes with mounting brackets and connecting cable with hardware in some cases, these brackets must be modified to fit a particular forklift. Some units, however can be ordered expressly for the model forklift you will be installing it on. This way, the brackets and hardware are designed for that exact forklift and little, if any, modifications must be made -making installation easier for the mechanics. Check below to see if your forklift is listed and order the TS601 with the proper "sub-model " designation for that machine. Forklifts not listed below will get the "standard" kit.
  • New"N" series "plug and play" units require secondary controller (see price list below) to "fool" computer management system and allow system to work. When ordered for the proper vehicle, connectors are in place for easy fitting. May require addition of tack pick up on alternator if one is not available to connect onto.


TS601Tire Saver System (Complete Kit: Speed sensor, controller, cables). Order this model with corresponding designation as shown above
"N" seriesNew "plug and play" design for certain model forklifts requires secondary controller to "fool" vehicle computer management system. Consult with factory to see if this 2nd controller is required on your lift
TS-WLTire Saver Wiring loom assembly
TS-GTSReplacement Gear Tooth Speed Sensor
TS-GTSReplacement Gear Tooth Speed Sensor