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START-SMART Code + RFID Anti-theft Card Keyless Ignition System w/ Memory Logging

START-SMART Code + RFID Anti-theft Card Keyless Ignition System w/ Memory Logging

Start Smart RFID card
Stolen industrial equipment

How can you easily prevent your compact construction equipment from theft? By preventing it from starting - when you are NOT there. Even prevents thieves from starting your machine with a copied key - or from being “hot wired”.

Keys for many construction machines are interchangeable and readily available via internet sites. So for many thieves it is as easy as inserting a copied key, starting the engine and then driving it away on a trailer. For thieves with no keys, it is as easy as pulling the ignition switch body out - and simply “hot wiring” the starter and ignition circuits, starting the vehicle and driving it on the trailer. In either case your machine can be stolen in only a matter of minutes. Thieves who can not start the engine of a machine, will NOT expose themselves for lengthy time periods trying to figure out why the machine they are trying to steal - will NOT start. They will just quickly move on to easier prey - that is easily started.

So, how do you prevent the starting and subsequent theft of your machine?

KEYTROLLER, LLC in Tampa, Florida has developed an easy solution that will easily fit to any make or model machine that you think is in danger of being stolen. There are NO monthly fees, no website fees, no tracking, no police called - it just prevents the start of your equipment - unless you are there.

It is a wireless relay that is connected somewhere in the machine’s starter circuit that PREVENTS the starter from being powered - unless it is first wirelessly activated.

Here is how it works:

With the wireless relay in place in your machine’s starter circuit, there is now NO power to the starter. So when a thief attempts to start and steal your machine (with either a key or by hot wiring it); he can NOT get the engine started because the starter has NO power and will NOT engage. The hidden wireless relay has interrupted power.

KEYTROLLER’s START SMART can wirelessly enable this hidden wireless starter relay:

START-SMART Keypad (weatherproof) ignition mounted to dash - eliminates ignition key. The operator uses either a valid code or RFID card to enable the keypad; once enabled the keypad automatically sends a wireless command to the hidden wireless starter relay - enabling it for 45 seconds and putting power to the starter circuit. The operator then presses the START button on the keypad to start the engine, and presses STOP to stop the engine. After 45 seconds, there is NO longer any power in the starter circuit - again preventing the start and theft of the machine. $650

This device is a great way to eliminate keys, to keep untrained and unauthorized drivers off your equipment, to view usage (start-stop times and hour meters) and to prevent the theft and loss of your equipment. With equipment theft so prevalent today, this is a great way to protect your valuable machinery and to keep your insurance rates from drastically rising.


  • Low profile design has NO exposed cables and installs easily to any dashboard
  • Code input enables device (4-6 digit codes acceptable)
  • RFID card reader models allow for both code or RFID enabling - use company ID card to enable device
  • Start/Stop vehicle (engine or electric) directly from keypad - NO KEYS!
  • All models designed for harsh outdoor conditions - sealed and potted internally for extreme environments
  • Inexpensive system to eliminate keys and keep untrained operators off the equipment
  • USB port allows for programming users and expiration dates and downloading event usage logs
  • Wired relay connects to vehicle ignition switch (3 wires on IC; 2 wires on EL)
  • Installs to any make or model - diesel, gas, LPG or electric machine. (Has programmable ignition delay to charge Glow Plug circuit for Diesel applications)
  • All electronics are sealed internally for tough, abusive outdoor applications - Waterproof and vandal proof IP67
  • High reliability for the toughest applications and toughest equipment
  • Programmed w/ programmer's code from keypad - or from USB programed from PC)
  • Programmer or supervisor code can temporarily lock out users
  • When connected to seat switch, device will "time out" and shut off unit and engine in programmable # minutes
  • 215 model allows review of usage log for usage time by machine or operator and star - stop times
  • Training can be scheduled in conjunction with expiration date of user code/card (215 model)


  • Start + Stop engine directly from keypad - NO KEYS!!
  • Keeps untrained and unauthorized users from operating your equipment
  • Can shut down engine if low oil or high temp problem occurs
  • ANTI-THEFT wireless relay option prevents "hot wiring" and theft of your equipment

Wireless relay option: How it works - wireless relay is installed in starter circuit. When START SMART is enabled - it sends wireless signal to hidden wireless relay - enabling it for 45 seconds. Now the engine is started by pressing START key on START SMART device. Later when a thief tries to "hot wire" the engine and start it - there is NO power in the starter circuit - engine will NOT turn over and the theft is averted.


  • Supply voltage: 12 VDC (converter for24--36-48VDC)
  • Stand by current: 30mA
  • Temp range: -40 - 185F (-40 - 85C)
  • Water Immersion: IP -67
  • Size: SSM 89mmX75mmX20mm (3.5" X 3" X .75")
  • Metal keypad approval: ISO9000, CE, RoHS
  • Wireless relay option: 12 or 24VDC (must specify)
  • Max relay contact current: peak 30A
  • Tested for:
    • High + Low temp shock and reliability
    • Overvoltage reliability
    • High shock reliability
    • Vibration reliability
    • condensation, salt spray reliability

2 Auxiliary Inputs:

  1. Connected to either:
    • Seat switch
    • Seat belt switch
    • Overload sensor
    • Low oil or Hi Temp input
  2. When this input goes "high", START-SMART WARNING LED will flash and will shut ignition down in 1 minutes of continuous signal