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SPEED-SAVER Top Speed Controller for Cable Type Accelerators

SPEED-SAVER Top Speed Controller for Cable Type Accelerators

SPEED-SAVER Automatic top speed controller for IC vehicles with conventional accelerator cables


  • Gear tooth speed sensor that is to be installed in axle differential to read gear speed
  • Controller with indicator LEDs and adjustment pots
  • Electronic motor actuator "arm"
  • Cable or rod connecting "arm" to throttle lever on engine (includes brackets and connectors). Amount of throttle restriction is done on adjusting nut at throttle connection


  • Controls vehicle top speed WITHOUT effecting engine RPM at low travel speed
  • Therefore the device does NOT effect low speed power necessary for heavy hydraulic lifting operations.

How it Works:

  • When the vehicle reaches "actuation" speed – (approximately 3 mph) device's "arm" actuates - pulling back cable connected to throttle lever--restricting it's stroke.
  • The throttle lever stroke is restricted - which controls top speed - driver can push hard on accelerator but not increase engine RPM
  • When the vehicle speed is reduced below "actuation" speed - the "arm" relaxes and the engine throttle again has full stroke (full power) ---with NO restriction.