SMARTY Video Recorder with GPS

SMARTY Video Recorder with GPS

SMARTY Video Recorder with GPS
SMARTY Video Recorder with GPS
SMARTY Digital Recorder - Card In
SMARTY Digital Recorder
SMARTY Digital Recorder
SMARTY Digital Recorder - Application
SMARTY Digital Recorder - Front Side
SMARTY Digital Recorder - Camera Side
SMARTY Digital Recorder
SMARTY Digital Recorder
SMARTY Digital Recorder

Kit includes:

  1. Video recorder camera with 2GB memory card with built in software in card
    1. KEY-BX 1000 Video drive recorder with 2GB SD memory card, cable and software
    2. KEY-BX-1000 Plus Video drive recorder w/ 2GB SD card, cable, software and GPS
  2. Plug for connection to 12VDC
  3. Mounting bracket and double sided tape and cable ties for easy installation


  • Unbelievably easy to use. Mount camera, connect to power - begin recording events!
  • GPS model matches video with location on Google Map/Earth
  • Preloaded software on SD memory card makes set up and viewing of events simple to any PC user
  • Built in back up super capacitor ensures recordings stay intact regardless of a power failure
  • Small profile design - fits easily to any overhead guard or dash - NO restriction of visibility
  • Smart cylindrical designs allows easy turn of camera to view/record interior without remounting camera
  • Quality of video can be changed by setting resolution and frames per second
  • With embedded GPS - location, video and g-force (front/back, side/side, up/down) data all viewed together
  • Easy management of route + driving habit through full-time recording of shocks / vibrations / speed / location
  • Quick and easy search, play and analyzing by speed / shocks / location data
  • G-force lines in software show intensity of movement in 3 axis. (front/back, side/side, up/down)
  • Sensitivity of accelerometers can be set from 1-9 with 9 being the MOST sensitive to create a video event
  • Record button on camera allows driver to record temporary view of street in front of him
  • View video, event log, speed, event position and screen shot location, Google Map, Hybrid, or Earth and G-force intensity - ALL ON ONE SCREEN!
  • Thumbnail Image Search: Allows you to analyze frame by frame recording and print of frame picture
  • Printable accident report with pictures
  • Can accommodate hundreds of incidents, depending on the capacity of SD-Card. When the SD-card is full, there is an automatic "over-write" of data for continuous recording.
  • Export files and reports for your records and print pictures
  • Multi-Language PC Viewer Software PC-Viewer/Analyzer Software in different languages: English, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese.

How it works:

  • Mounts to window in minutes with tape bracket and adjustable camera view
  • When impact or hard braking/ acceleration occurs, device captures video 15 sec before and 5 sec after the event
  • Record button on back of camera allows start of manual recording event
  • GPS coordinates are recorded (Plus model). Video event is shown in PC software with Google map/earth
  • To view video/map event, simply remove memory card and insert into USB reader on PC
  • Software is pre-loaded on device's memory card along with video event recordings for easy viewing on PC


  • Reduce accidents!! Drivers are more careful because they are monitored
  • Provides legal proof of guilt in accident
  • With GPS included, fuel efficiency improves because drivers no longer take "side" trips
  • Reduced insurance costs. Less accidents, mean lower premiums
  • Reduced accident costs. Less accidents mean higher productivity, proof of guilt lowers incident costs
  • With GPS included, fuel efficiency improves because drivers no longer take "side" trips
  • Logged data can be recorded during driving even though there are no accident events. This allows for "Full-time recording of G-sensor, GPS information".
  • This data can be used to filter and sort events (like say speeding over 70MPH).
  • This quick data sorting by our software will be helpful to find out driver's habits, speeds and routes.
  • Logged data can be used to check drivers whole route on Google Maps, Hybrid or Earth.
  • Logged data can also provide speed in route and delivery time at each stop point.


  • GPS Installed on Plus model only
  • G-force (impact sensor) internal 3 axis (F/B, S/S, U/D)
  • G-force sensitivity: Settable 1(low) to 9 (very sensitive)
  • SD flash memory card (2GB std, supports 8/16/32GB)
  • Video resolution: Settable 640X480 or 320X240
  • Power: 12-24V (cigarette plug standard or hardwired)
  • Power consumption: 36 watt (also internal battery)
  • LED indicator: (Record + overwrite)
  • Buzzer: (Recording start + error)
  • Operational Temperature: 14F-122F (-10C-50C)
  • Recording speed: Settable 1,5,10,15,30 frames/sec
  • Recording time: (based on video quality settings) 2GB (37 min-36 hours) 16GB (7-167 hours)
  • Recording Modes: Continuous, by impact, by button
  • PC software: Supplied in memory card, upload to PC
  • Angle of camera view: 170 degree