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PRECISE Hi-Accuracy Forklift Scale

PRECISE Hi-Accuracy Forklift Scale

PRECISE Installed
PRECISE Component Schematic
PRECISE Component Schematic with Sensor
PRECISE Forklift Schematic
PRECISE Reference Guide
PRECISE Data Printout
PRECISE Bypass Module
PRECISE Dropper Valve

PCSE-1000 Kit includes:

  1. Advanced programmable color LCD touchscreen. Connects to vehicle power (12VDC standard - higher voltage requires optional voltage converter)
  2. Hydraulic manifold bypass assembly with: solenoid valve, flow restrictor and hydraulic pressure sensor (2 models - under 10000# lift capacity and over 10000# lift capacity)
  3. Magnetic height weighing level sensor with magnet for mounting to fork carriage
PRECISE Hi-Accuracy forklift scale for forklifts up to 10,000# capacity. Color LCD touch screen is powered by the vehicle (12VDC). Kit includes Electronic Manifold Bypass Module for Capturing Hydraulic pressure as oil under pressure flows through module and past pressure transducer. Kit also includes weighing height sensor with magnet. USB and SD card ports for extracting weighing data information.
High capacity PRECISE Hi-Accuracy scale - SAME KIT as PCSE-1000 but includes (HC) high capacity bypass module.
NOTE: this model is required on large capacity forklifts with lifting capacity in excess of 10,000#)

External thumb "ENTER" switch - mounts to hyd lever and allows the operator to begin the bypass weighing process by pressing button.

Removing, printing and evaluating weighing event log data:

  • All weighing events are time/date stamped
  • Event shows: time/date/vehicle/channel name/reference # or name
  • Remove data with USB stick
  • Remove data with SD card
  • Data can be manipulated in Excel spreadsheet where data can be displayed in reports, charts or graphs
  • Optional 2" and


THE most important factor when considering a scale is accuracy. PRECISE is the worlds most accurate hydraulic scale because of the use of the manifold hydraulic bypass module which gives the device many hundred of pressure readings---significantly improving accuracy by taking out pressure reading errors inherent in any machine.

Ask whether your operation can live with following accuracy:

* Conventional hyd scale (like our WEIGHTROLLER 100) - Within 2% of the rated capacity of the forklift. Conventional hydraulic scales ONLY read ONE pressure setting at one point. This pressure is subjected to considerable inaccuracy - did the driver "slam" the valve shut at the weighing position? Did he "feather" the valve shut? Is there a leaking valve or a leaking seal? The device can ONLY be as accurate as the pressure it is reading. If that one pressure reading is off - the accuracy shown on the scale is off. This is why conventional hyd scales have a bad record for repeatable accuracy - that is - picking up the SAME load and weighing it - many times with as much as 100# variance in the same load.

That translates accuracy to within 100# of ANY load you pick up when installed on a 5000# capacity forklift - it may be dead on - it may be 5# off, it may be 100# off.

* PRECISE hyd scale - Within .2% of the rated capacity of the forklift. Because this device "measures" hundreds of pressure readings in the bypass module process, it filters out high and low pressure anomalies and averages - taking out most of the error in pressure readings

That translates incredible accuracy to within 10# of ANY load you pick up when installed on a 5000# capacity forklift - it may be dead on - it may be 5# off, but it will be a maximum of only 10# off.

Our height location sensor is standard on the PRECISE. Not only does this feature make it easier on the operator - but it also further improves the unit's accuracy by insuring the bypass weighing process begins at the same position EVERY TIME! The driver lifts the load up to the point where the magnet on the carriage is across from weighing/sensor mounted to the mast. Operator then presses either the READ button on the touchscreen display or presses the optional external thumb switch - to begin the weighing bypass process. This opens the solenoid in the bypass module - allowing oil under pressure to bypass through the module back to the reservoir tank. When the dropping load carriage reaches the # seconds programmed (typically about 5 seconds) - the weighing process is complete and the device displays the load weight.


  • Most accurate hydraulic scale on the market today---nearly as accurate as carriage or fork load cell scales - at half the cost!
  • Accuracy: .2% of the rated load (10# in 5000# load)
  • Manifold takes out most of the pressure inaccuracy found in sensor only conventional hydraulic scales
  • "T" into pressure line at bottom of mast, make up hose from "T" to bypass module and another hose from bypass to hyd reservoir
  • Ability to name each channel and move between channels - example names: Aluminum scrap, copper scrap, XYZ company, trailer 3, etc.
  • Can name up to 100 different channels and up to 1400 weighing events per channel
  • Ability to ad reference note to every individual weighing event - like PO#, invoice#, Company name, etc.
  • Advanced logging functions - Holds thousands of weighing events on SD card
  • User can remove SD card to extract weighing data or insert USB stick to extract data.
  • All weighing events time and date stamped. Once exported to Excel data can be manipulated to create reports, graphs, charts etc.
  • “Totalizing” for each channel. Shows weight of current load on forks, below shows accumulated weight on that channel
  • Can set multiple "tare" weights either automatically or manually.
  • Driver can choose from many save "tare" weights as required for each load
  • Individual weighing events can be printed (time, date, vehicle, weight, channel name and reference name)Complete channel of weighing events can be printed.Horizontal line gives operator a "quick reference" as to the load weight as % of the lifting capacity.
  • When load weight exceeds programmed threshold - it warns operator and it can sound optional external siren alarm
  • Device stores up to 10 time/date stamped recent overload events.

How it works:

  • Driver lifts load to "weighing height" - device beeps when sensor detects magnet at weighing height.
  • Driver presses "read" button, solenoid opens manifold valve, load is lowered for programmable # seconds (typically about 5 seconds and forks drop about 16")
  • Alternatively driver can begin weighing process by pressing optional external thumb switch button mounted to hydraulic lever.
  • Fluid under pressure in manifold by-pass is "read" 150 times and pressure is averaged for much higher accuracy
  • Accurate weight of load just picked is displayed on display screen
  • In programmable # seconds - this load moves to total with cumulative weight above on display
  • If "tare" weights are involved, device can display both net load weights (in black) and gross load weights (in red) for both individual and cumulative load weights


  1. External "thumb switch" mounts to hydraulic control lever for beginning weighing bypass cycle
  2. Adjustable "duel ball" cast steel mounting bracket (Required in most applications) (Choose dash mounting round bottom or clamp bottom for OHG leg mount)


FSA - Flashing siren alarm option for flashing strobe and sounding 120dB siren audible alarm in the event overload position is reached - warning driver of impending overload

AMBRE-RE Keytroller Adjustable Mounting Bracket (2.5” round for mounting to dashboard)

AMBC-RECE-3 Keytroller Adjustable Mounting Bracket with Rectangular Overhead Guard Clamp(Ball connector on PRECISE end and Rectangular Overhead Guard Clamp on other end)

WF-BTLP-3 Bluetooth Enabled 3” Thermal Label Printer with cable and charger

WF-BTRP-2 Bluetooth Enabled 2” Thermal Receipt type Printer with cable and charger