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KEYWARNER Vehicle presence - ​wireless warning system​

KEYWARNER Vehicle presence - ​wireless warning system​


KEYWARNER - Vehicle presence - wireless warning system

Wireless Transmitter:
Need one per forklift - connects to vehicle ignition/power - transmits only on when ignition is on.

Wireless Receiver:
Install one at every high traffic pedestrian or vehicle area. Set range in device. Choose up to two types of external alarms (Flashers, LEDs, Hushh audible alarms).

Receiver enables alarms whenever transmitting vehicle is within set range

How it works:

  • Transmitter on the vehicle continually transmits when vehicle ignition is ON
  • "Adjustable range" in receiver from about 15'-75' range can be increased or decreased by adjusting pot inside receiver unit.
  • Hand held fob is included. After receiver unit is mounted to wall - programmer can "test" range with hand held fob and find tune the activation range setting
  • When vehicle comes to within set range of the wireless receiver alarm - it will the alarm options that are connected
  • It will continue to sound until:
    1. Vehicle leaves range
    2. Vehicle ignition is turned OFF

Wireless Receiver Alarm Module:

  • Plugs into 110VAC outlet - mounts near/in crowded intersection
  • Open receiver enclosure to adjust pick up range pot (from approx. 15' to 75')
  • Hand held FOB transmitter included---used for setting activation range of receiver
  • Various plug in alarm options available (any 2 can plug in)

Alarm Options:

  1. Flashing Blue LED alarm (BLEDA)
  2. Red Siren strobe alarm (FSA)
  3. Orange 4 LED constant on or flashing (4OLEDA)
  4. 97Db Hushhh broadband audible alarm ( BBS-97)
  5. Adjustable volume Hushhh audible alarm (SA-BBS-97)


Some applications use it for blind corners. They have one alarm on one side of the corner and another on the other side. Since the wireless signal will travel through walls, both alarms will alight/sound when the vehicle comes within range of the receiver.