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Our new 106LCDH-B Bluetooth access monitoring system will not have production devices available until July/August 2018. Final pricing for the 106 device and IPAD APP has not been released yet but is expected to be determined in May/June. This 106 device is not currently available with WiFi---but only with limited range Bluetooth communication.

Simple, inexpensive solution for forklift users with small fleets with NO IT and NO WiFi involvement!

KEYTROLLER’S NEW 106 LCD-B is an exciting new product for a neglected portion of the forklift world - the “SMALL FLEET” user. Small forklift fleets want a less expensive and simpler option than current devices with “BIG DATA”

2017 Statistics Show that 73% of the warehouse facilities using forklifts have LESS THAN 24 forklifts operating and 51% have LESS THAN 9 forklifts in operation. Most of these companies are currently not monitoring their forklifts and are most likely not in compliance with OSHA daily checklist requirements. If they have an accident and the OSHA inspector asks for checklist forms - and they cannot produce them - they are subject to big fines and even much worse, high liability costs for “driving unsafe equipment”. All forklifts are required by OSHA regulations to do pre-shift safety checklist - whether they are in a large or a small fleet - to insure each forklift is safe to operate

Here’s how the 106 LCD-B Bluetooth device works on your forklift:

  • 106 LCD-B can be installed on any make or model forklift (IC or EL).
  • Device has NO interface whatsoever with forklift computer - only ignition switch.
  • Device has NO interface with your WiFi network and requires NO IT assistance.
  • Device starts and turns on ignition via relay and not key switch.
  • Trained and authorized driver logs on with valid code or RFID card (optional card reader).
  • Driver starts and stops vehicle engine or ignition (electric) from keypad - NO KEYS!
  • Driver completes your programmable pre-shift ELECTRONIC checklist (NO more paperwork!).
  • If critical checklist item is FAILED - vehicle shuts down, waits for Supervisor/Mechanic to clear.
  • Device is connected to seat belt and seat switch, and it can time out and shut down from either.
  • If driver has abusive impact - alarm sounds - event generated and ignition shuts down.
  • If driver’s code/card is expiring soon, it is warned on the LCD display.
  • If maintenance is due (by date or hour meter reading), it is warned on the LCD display.

Here’s how Bluetooth communication + iPad software works:

  • Client must purchase iPad and download 106 app.
  • With iPad or iPhone on, device must be “Bluetooth synced” to each 106 LCD-B device.
  • When forklifts devices are in range of app, automatic connect and transmit of event data.
  • When in range, supervisor programs user credentials, settings and checklist items into devices.
  • Event database holds forklift event logs for approximately 360 days (depending on fleet size).
  • Forklift event data can be filtered by driver, forklift, event, time and data.
  • Create custom reports and charts - export to be printed in PDF or Excel format.
  • Drivers accountable for shift start times, break times, lunch times and end day finish times.
  • NO WIFI OR IT INVOLVEMENT! Works right out of the box!


  • Color LCD display: 3.75”H X 4”W X 2.35”D (92mm X 100mm X 55mm)
  • About ½ the physical size of current LCD601 and same color LCD display
  • More advanced “A” microprocessor---faster and larger memory
  • IP 67 weatherproof design, CE rating
  • Capacitance type keypad for code input and START/STOP
  • Embedded Bluetooth module----transmission communication range 150’
  • Embedded impact 3 axis accelerometer sensor in LCD module (external impact module optional)
  • 3 aux input connections (Seat belt, seat switch, low oil pressure, high temperature etc)
  • Includes external potted dual relay module (connections to ignition switch, external alarm made here).
  • Installation: power and input connections come out of the same center cable connection to relay module.
  • Inter cable weatherproof connector to easily change out keypad or relay module
  • Mounts to RAM adjustable dash bracket or RAM overhead guard clamp bracket
  • Multi voltage 12---60VDC isolated power supply
  • Optional embedded RFID card reader (many formats and protocols available)
  • Multi language: English, German, Spanish, French initial