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HUSHhhh Back-up Alarm System

HUSHhhh Back-up Alarm System

Much Greater Safety:

  • Their Sound is locatable
    The location of a broadband sound source is instantly and unambiguously recognizable and reveals immediately which vehicle or machine is backing-up. Narrowband sound is liable to give false directional clues due to reflection off surfaces such as buildings, quarry face etc. sometimes with fatal results.
  • Sound is localized within hazard area
    Familiarity with unneeded warning alarms outside the hazard area breeds general contempt for them - very dangerous when real need is.
  • Audible through Ear Defenders
    The lower frequencies of their broad frequency spectrum penetrate ear defenders more readily than the higher frequencies of narrowband alarms.
  • End to intentional disconnects
    Operators and site workers, driven mad by old narrowband alarms, are very happy to work with broadband and will not disconnect the alarm.


  • Rapid sound dissipation
  • Less irritation
  • Less decibels
  • Reduced risk of Hearing Damage
  • Reduced risk due to "Startle"