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Kit Includes:

  • (1) or (2) Battery powered credit card sized long distance RFID transmitter card (depends upon model ordered).
  • Wireless relay module installed in ignition or fuel pump circuit to prevent "hot wiring".

Keytroller Anti Theft Devices PowerPoint







  • Battery powered RFID card (1 battery plus 1 spare in card)
  • Only wireless relay must be installed, operator keeps Genie Card on keychain, in pocket or in wallet (accepts up to 4)
  • When driver walks up to truck, wireless realy auto enables
  • Driver starts vehicle with key or lever switch for added security
  • LED power indicator light
  • Keeps unauthorized or untrained users from operating vehicle
  • Driver keeps GENIE CARD in pocket, keychain or in wallet
  • Driver walks into range of the vehicle (settable range from 10' - 30')
  • Wireless relay is automatically enabled allowing ignition key (or lever switch in place of key) to start vehicle
  • Device remains enabled for 30 seconds AFTER operator leaves the range of the GENIE CARD

How it works:

  • Start + Stop engine directly from keypad -NO KEYS!!
  • Keeps untrained and unauthorized users from operating your equipment
  • Can shut down engine if low oil or high temp problem occurs
  • ANTI-THEFT wireless relay option prevents ihot wiringi and theft of your equipment

NOTE: Model also available with optional wireless relay for anti-theft applications.

Anti-theft with wired relay of this device:The traditional way to steal a truck or piece of construction equipment, is to hot wire connections to the keyswitch. The thief will typically run a wire from the battery power terminal on the keyswitch, to the ignition terminal, plus a second wire from the power terminal to touch the starter circuit terminal, causing the starter to crank the engine and so starting the engine. To avoid theft of the equipment a good approach is to take the keyswitch out of the ignition and starter circuits altogether. Mount the Keytroller's relay unit where it will be out of plain sight and out of easy reach of the thief. Disconnect the starter and ignition circuits from the keyswitch. Connect these circuits directly to the appropriate wires of the relay unit as per the wiring diagram.

Currently memory event logging is NOT available on this model. If you want event logging and programming from PC, please refer to 105 device.

LV= Low Voltage (12v) - standard
MV= Medium Voltage (18vdc - 30vdc)
HV= High Voltage (36vdc - 55vdc)
UHV= Ultra High Voltage (60-80v)

Start set up options (programmed from keypad):

  • Program in or out operator codes
  • Program in auto log off time (device times out after STOP is pressed)
  • Delay - temporary delay of auto shut down (up to 99 minutes)
  • Program in aux input shut down time (time to shut down after aux input goes high)
  • Lock out vehicle to common operators and "unlock" vehicle again to all operators


  • Supply voltage: 12VDC (converter for 24-36-48VDC)
  • Stand by current: 30mA
  • Temp range: -40 - 185F (-40 - 85C)
  • Water Immersion: IP -67
  • Size: SSM 89mmX75mmX20mm (3.5i X 3i X .75i)
  • Metal keypad approval: ISO9000 CE RoHS
  • Wireless relay option: 12 or 24VDC (must specify)
  • Max relay contact current: peak 30A
  • Tested for: High + Low temp shock and reliability, overvoltage reliability, high shock reliability, vibration reliability, condensation, salt spray reliability