FOREWARNER-MAXI - 24 LED Spotlight For Overhead Cranes

FOREWARNER-MAXI - 24 LED Spotlight For Overhead Cranes

Overhead view of Forewarner Maxi system for overhead crane safety
Overhead view of Forewarner Maxi system for overhead crane safety
Overhead view of Forewarner Maxi system for overhead crane safety
Overhead view of Forewarner Maxi system for overhead crane safety


Honored by Plant Engineering's Prestigious Product of the Year Awards, FOREWARNER-MAXI ensures pedestrian safety under overhead cranes by projecting a solid white, blue or red tightly focused LED spot or line on the floor below that alerts pedestrians to an overhead crane’s hook location. In addition, the product aids precise positioning for the crane operator with another frame of reference on floor.

New FOREWARNER-LED warning lights from KEYTROLLER significantly improve awareness of pedestrians who work close to heavy and dangerous equipment.

Industrial plants have forklifts, heavy equipment, personal carriers and overhead cranes busily working. Operators frequently multitask and in a hurry to complete their tasks. Pedestrian workers are also busy doing their job in the same proximity as these material handling machines – with major safety hazards in play!

Audible alarms are limited

Audible alarms have been used successfully for many decades. However, they are frequently “drowned out” and ignored as workers get used to the beeping sound. There is also more widespread use of ear plugs to protect the worker. FOREWARNER lights do not take the place of audible alarms, but do provide visual warning that is relative to the proximity of the moving equipment hazard.

FORWARNER MAXI lights improve safety on overhead cranes:

  • Reduce incidences of human error – ensures pedestrians are aware of moving load.
  • Pedestrian sees projected line or spot on floor – knows his proximity to the moving load.
  • Very effective for overhead cranes in areas with many pedestrians.
  • Beeping audible alarms do NOT provide a pedestrian with a sense of proximity to the load on the crane.
  • Crane operators have a new “frame of reference” of the exact position of load/hook above floor.
  • Significantly improves operator control of the load, especially when exact positioning is required.
  • Operators do not have to take their eyes off the crane block or load to know trolley is centered over the load.
  • Snap-on lens cover creates square “box” around load/hook on floor below clear “danger area”.
  • Warns pedestrians from walking under suspended load.
  • When a load on a crane is stopped suddenly, there is significant hook/load sway.
  • Workers concentrating on their job at hand and may NOT see moving load in their area.
  • Crane operators concentrate on the load they are handling and may NOT see workers.
  • Powerful 24 MAXI LED 120 watt light projects RED, BLUE or WHITE spot or line –with lens cover.

FOREWARNER forklift spot and arrow lights:

  • Reduce accidents! 40+% of fatal forklift accidents involve pedestrians.
  • Moving BLUE or RED arrow or spot.

SIDELINER sidelights improve forklift safety:

  • Pedestrians can get too close to working forklifts – very dangerous!
  • Solid tire forklift can easily crush a foot – leading to a permanent disability.
  • Create visible “SAFE ZONE” border – obvious to pedestrians to stay clear.
  • SIDELINER is available in GREEN or RED in LED or laser versions.
FWN-120W-MAXI-B Kit includes:
  1. 9" BLUE spotlight with 24 LED focused beams 10' cable 120 Watt
  2. Packed individually in box with foam padding for secure shipping.
FWN-72W-MAXI-R Kit includes:
  1. 9" RED spotlight with 24 LED focused beams 10' cable 72 Watt
  2. Packed individually in box with foam padding for secure shipping.

FWN-120W-MAXI-W Kit includes:

  1. 9" WHITE spotlight with 24 LED focused beams 10' cable 120 Watt
  2. Packed individually in box with foam padding for secure shipping.
FOREWARNER spotlights have tiered pricing for volume discounts.
Note: This unit is 9 - 36 volt DC only.

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Red line lights (4) create Red box on floor around hook

Red spotlights (4) with hook into steel coil

Red spotlights (4) over floor with hook centered

Red spotlights (2) for warning pedestrians right and left



  • 10' cable connects to 12-24-36-48VDC input power INSTALLS IN MINUTES!
  • Adjustable mounting bracket - easy connection to overhead guard
  • IP67 designed for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Heavy duty cast aluminum

How it works:

  • FOREWARNER-MAXI spotlight mounted on overhead crane
  • Available in RED or BLUE. Many overhead crane clients prefer the RED because the BLUE is commonly used on lift trucks.
  • 150 degree up/down mounting bracket allows precise positioning of beam on floor below
  • Beam is usually positioned so pedestrians below are aware of the presence of the hook above them


  • More control of load by pendant operator! Now he has frame of reference to the floor of hook
  • Reduce accidents!! Many crane accidents involve pedestrians - so warning them of the presence of the hook is highly beneficial.
  • When pedestrian sees beam on floor - he knows a crane is in close proximity
  • Very effective for more precise positioning of the crane by the wireless remote operator



Performance Specifications:

  • OUTPUT VOLTAGE: (Internally Adjustable: 18-24 VDC)
    • 2A@115VAC
    • 1A@230VAC
    • .68@277VAC

Special Features:

  • FOLD-BACK CURRENT LIMITING Protects Power Supply From excessive current & continuous shorted output
  • IP 67
  • Dual cables for input connection and output connection to MAXI light

Power Supply Brochure (pdf)

Power Supply Detailed Specifications (pdf)

BLUE or RED Spotlight Specifications:

  • Power: 120 Watts - 84 Watts
  • Voltage: 9-60V DC
  • Lumens: 12000 lm 8400 lm
  • LEDs: 24 (Cree LED)
  • LED color temperature: 6000K
  • Beam Type: Pencil beam
  • Working life: 50000 hours
  • Size: 9" X 3.9" X 9.2" (229 X 98 X 234mm)
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Working temperature: -40~85℃
  • Material: Aluminum die-cast housing.
  • Approval: ISO9000 CE RoHS
  • Packaging: Individually boxed with foam.
  • Adjustable mounting bracket: 150 degree up/down.
  • Lifetime hours: up to 30,000 50,000 hours.
  • Cable Length: 3.3 meters (10').