FOREWARNER-SIDELINER-LASER - Green Laser Pedestrian Warning Sidelight

FOREWARNER-SIDELINER-LASER - Green Laser Pedestrian Warning Sidelight

Kit includes:

  1. GREEN Laser module with one focused GREEN laser line projection to side of vehicle
  2. Adjustable mounting bracket with magnetic mounting buttons
  3. 12' (4 meter) wire cable



  • 10' cable connects to 12-24-36-48VDC input power INSTALLS IN MINUTES!
  • Adjustable mounting bracket - easy connection to overhead guard
  • IP67 designed for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Heavy duty cast aluminum
  • Magnetic "feet" for easy mounting
  • Small - about the size of a walnut

How it works:

  • FOREWARNER-SIDELINER- LASER sidelight mounted on forklift side of overheard guard or mast
  • Can mount one on each side of the forklift
  • 150 degree up/down mounting bracket allows precise positioning of a thin green line beam on floor
  • Most clients face one FOREWARNER—SIDELINER LASER on each side of forklift overhead guard and point laser line down to create boundary effect
  • Creates a “safe zone” and a “danger zone” perimeter around each side of the forklift


  • Reduce accidents!! 40+% of all fatal forklift accidents involve pedestrians
  • When pedestrian or another forklift sees laser projected line on floor - he knows to stay outside of that perimeter
  • Very effective for forklifts working in areas with many pedestrians
  • Most pedestrians do not understand the crushing force of a forklift tire or rear end swing

GREEN LASER Sidelight Specifications:

  • Power supply voltage: 9-60 VDC
  • Waterproof rating: IP67
  • GREEN LASER sidelight: Focused line on floor
  • Bracket adjusting angle: 150 degrees up/down
  • Magnetic "feet" for easy mounting
  • Material: Aluminum housing.
  • Packaging: Individual box with foam protection
  • Approval: ISO9000 CE-RoHS
  • Cable length: 12' (4 Meters)
  • Size: 2.5" X 2.5" X 2" (65mmX65mmX55mm)
Our Price: $155.00
Magnetic Mounting Bracket