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Monitors the existing engine oil pressure switch and the supplied coolant temperature switch. If low oil pressure or high coolant temperature is detected, the audible alarm and/or flashing beacon activates to warn the operator. If the engine is not switched off within 30 seconds, it is shut down automatically. Protects engine from catastrophic failure due to loss of oil pressure or extremely high engine temperature. If the fault condition persists, the system will continue to shut down after 30 seconds on re-start. ENGINE SAVER incorporates engine shut down feature designed to prevent excess idling.

Two models available:
ES-661: Detects over-heating or low oil level, and triggers an audible alarm / flashing beacon. Requires supervisor over-ride to reset.

ES-662: Same features as ES-661, plus automatic truck shut down for excessive engine idling after delay of 1 / 2 / 4 / 8 minutes. Requires supervisor over-ride to reset.

Kit includes:
1. Controller with indicator LEDs and adjustment pots.
2. Connection cable to low oil pressure sender (existing switch).
3. Connection cable to high engine temperature switch (supplied).

· Easy to install.
· Warning LED and audible alarm sounder when event begins.
· Simple connection and low maintenance.
· Monitors existing engine oil pressure switch.
· Monitors supplied coolant temperature switch.
· Warning light and audible alarm.
· 30 second warning prior to auto shut down of engine.
· After 30 seconds, if condition persists, engine shuts down.
· Protects engine from catastrophic failure due to loss of oil pressure or extremely high engine temperature.
· ES-662 reduces fuel bills by auto shut down of IDLING ENGINE in 1, 2, 4, or 8 minutes (selectable).
· Backs up the truck monitoring system using dashboard warning lights which may be ignored by operator.
· The system stops the truck from further working, thus enforcing a prompt and authorized truck servicing.
· Ensures that even if the daily checklist is overlooked, possible engine damaged is reduced.

How it works:
· If low oil or high coolant temp is detected, an audible and visual alarm is activated - warning operator.
· If operator fails to turn off engine during alarm period, ENGINE-SAVER shuts down engine after 30 seconds.
· It's possible for operator to restart engine, but, if fault persists, device will continue to shut down engine.
· ES-662 has added feature of auto shut down for excessively idling engine - reduction in needless fuel usage.

· Mount controller to vehicle, preferably under dash, out of the weather.
· Connect low oil pressure wire to oil sending switch on engine.
· Connect engine temperature wire to coolant temperature switch/sending unit on engine

Our Price: $475.00
Idle Engine Shutdown Feature