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CYBERWATCH SMS Cellular hour, alarm and location meter Under $6 /month to watch your equipment!

CYBERWATCH SMS Cellular hour, alarm and location meter Under $6 /month to watch your equipment!

CYBERWATCH SMS is a cellular GPS hour meter that works through SMS (text message) communication:

  1. Install device to any internal combustion or electric vehicle or machine
  2. 2 connections to separate hour meter inputs and 2 connections to separate alarm inputs
  3. Both cellular and GPS antenna are inside enclosure
  4. You have an app on your phone that automatically texts a command to each unit at a preset time (alternatively you can dial the phone number and send SMS command manually from your phone)
  5. It will respond in about 20 seconds with up to 2 hour meter readings (shows cumulative hours and minutes of usages since last transmission)
  6. There is also a GPS location link in this returned string which you can click on to a Nav App (typically Google Earth/Map)
  7. A pickup truck driver can SMS a device and see the precise location of that vehicle for pick up.
  8. You can move the hour meter info to an Excel file that will accumulate daily usage and location information. From here you can accurately schedule maintenance.

Wireless program:

Communicates through low cost text messaging. You can set this up with your local wireless provider or we can provide it at ONLY A FEW DOLLARS PER MONTH with 36 month contract.


  • Insures timely service scheduling NO more "guessing" about equipment usage hours
  • Monitor closely your (our your customer's) usage trends
  • Avoids over or under utilization of your fleet -move lightly used equipment to other applications
  • New monthly wireless fees very affordable for any equipment fleet
  • No more wasted trips to do maintenance or searching for equipment to get hour meter readings
  • Accurate position for pickup (Viewed by Google Earth or Google Maps)
  • Allows dealers to bill more accurately for actual usage + confirmed overtime
  • Accountability of mechanic ijob donei event to insure maintenance was completed
  • Makes dealeris TM+R lease proposal look more accurate + professional
  • Less disputes over usage charges because new usage data is available daily
  • 2nd input can measure "idle time" and provide data on operator productivity
  • Alternatively, 2nd input can measure engine run time on a 2nd engine on the vehicle

How it works:

2 separate inputsConfigured as hour meter counter (in hours/ minutes) Allows for configuring starting hour number for each input Begins/stops counting when input goes high/low
Counter on each of these 2 inputsEach "start" of an hour meter cycle will be counted Example: Engine starts 15 times in that cycle data stream shows 15
Mechanic's "Job Done" buttonPressed for X# seconds by mechanic sends an event showing maintenance was completed to up to 3 separate phone numbers so manager can reschedule maintenance for that vehicle
GPSDevice has GPS chipset that will transmit the last seen location coordinates at time of transmission
Weatherproof optionDevice can be ordered with gel filled option that will protect the PCB from water intrusion and/or condensation
No Start relay optionOwner sends a text command to the device to disable power to the starter rendering the vehicle unusable until another enable starter text message is sent.
Voltage input range12—48 VDC
Anti-theft Geo FencingWhen set, if vehicle moves outside of geo fence perimeter -SMS text message is set to up to 3 phones warning of the violation
Set phone numbersThree phone numbers may be set these numbers will receive a message when there is an emergency event.
Abusive impactWhen enabled, if vehicle has an abusive impact over a sensitivity set point an SMS message will be sent to up to 3 phone numbers
Antennas (GPS + Cellular)Standard: Internal inside enclosure
Optional: External
LED external indicatorsYellow indications for cellular connection
Blue indications for GPS connection
Operational temperature14F to 150F -10C to +65C
Optional AC relay interfaceAllows for monitoring of AC powered machinery. Plug in 12VDC transformer power supply optional
Enclosure size6.63" x 4.68" x 2.37" 168.40 x 118.87 x 60.20 mm


  • User fleets, rental fleets and long term maintenance leases
  • Forklifts, construction equipment, work trucks, pick-ups compressors, pumps, generators, work boats.


GPS:u-blox UBX-G6010
 Voice, CS Data, SMS, GPRS UDP/TCP
Serial port:1 mini-USB, 1 RS232 (Baud rate:115,200bps)
Power source:12-48V DC
Power consumption:< 55mA @ 12V DC in normal operation
I/O port:4 digital input ports, 2 negative and 2 positive triggering
(includes 2 analog inputs used for low and refill fuel events)
4 digital output ports, 4 negative triggering
Built-in 3D G-sensor 
MemoryOnboard 4MB Flash Memory
Back-up battery:Lithium 3.7v 1000mAh
Operation Temperature:14°F - 150°F (-10°C - 65°C)

Note: This unit can NOT create alarm transmissions for low fuel or for re-fueled events
Go to Model VT-200 for fuel monitoring.

Product Capabilities (Model: CYB-VT-103-SMS)

  • 2 separate hour meter inputs
  • 2 separate counter inputs
  • 1 mechanic "job done" button input
  • Get current location
  • Tracking (by time interval, distance interval or smart mode)
  • Emergency alert inputs oil/temp (if set as alarm)
  • Geo-fencing anti-theft control
  • Power low/lost alert
  • Battery power low alert
  • Power management
  • SIM PIN code configurable
  • GSM/GPRS simultaneously
  • Parameters set up over the air
  • Firmware upgrading over the air

Cellular Info

GSM frequencyQuad band GSM-850 / E-GSM-900 / DCS-1800 / PCS-1900
Power ConsumptionIdle: 5mA Transmitting: 110 200mA
PCB Assembly ApprovalsISO9000 CE RoHS
Back up internal batteryLithium 3.7v 1000mAh (up to 5 days in idle mode)
Communication ProtocolsTCP/IP (GPRS) SMS
GPS accuracy10 meters (30')
Certificate ApprovalsCE, FCC, GCF
Carrier ApprovalsAT+T, Reach, IC, Icasa, Anatel, Vodafone, Orange, Rogers, NCC

Power Requirements (module)

Input Voltage12 48 VDC
Power ConsumptionIdle: 5mA Transmitting: 110 200mA


Warranty Period3 years