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CYBERWATCH SAT Satellite Hour & GPS Location Meter

CYBERWATCH SAT Satellite Hour & GPS Location Meter

Satellite wireless hour, alarm and location meter - for REMOTE locations.

Features & Capabilities:

  • 2 separate hour meter inputs.........Begins/stops counting when input goes high/low......Configured as hour meter counter (in hours/ minutes)......Allows for configuring starting hour number for each input
    • Hour meter can be triggered by wired connection or one hour meter begun when vehicle vibrates (vibration sensor activated in device---NO wired connection)
  • 2 separate alarm inputs - when alarm goes "high" for X# of seconds, event is recorded and SMS message can be sent
    • Alarm inputs can connect to temperature sensors, pressure sensors, voltage sensors, engine sensors---all with threshold trip points to monitor alarm condition
  • Device can accept up to 3 separate input modules. (1 is standard) Each input module has 2 hour meter and 2 alarm connections.
    • With three separate input modules, device would have 6 hour meters and 6 alarms with the same main control module.
  • Counter on each of these inputs...Each “start” of an hour meter cycle will be counted
    • Example: Engine starts 15 times in that cycle - data stream shows 15
  • GPS...Standard. Location coordinates are transmitted on every communication
    • Text proper command to SAT device from anywhere in the world and device responds to that phone with usage, alarm and current GPS location
  • Weatherproof - designed for tough outdoor weather conditions. Device MUST be mounted outdoors with clear view of sky and satellites
  • Voltage input range...8-14VDC
  • Antennas (GPS and Satellite)...Standard: Internal inside enclosure
  • Optional high voltage converter...Converts: 24-36-48VDC input to 12VDC
  • Optional AC relay interface....Allows for monitoring of 120/240V AC powered machinery...Plug in 12VDC transformer power supply optional
  • Enclosure size...3.75 x 5.25 x 1.25 in. (95 x 133 x 32 mm)

Receiving and reviewing data:

  • Inexpensive satellite communication plan includes 50 connections per month (can be configured to send one per day at a certain time) Overage charges apply over 50 connections per month
  • View usage and alarm data on website portal for all of your machines
  • Download free Smartphone Android app for auto connection scheduling - all usage + alarm data responds back to that Smartphone
    • Smartphone can export data via Dropbox for further review and manipulation of data.

Use device as satellite communicator:

  • Smartphone can connect through wireless local connection to a device
    • User can then use device as a communicator
    • User can send emails or text messages through device to anywhere in the world from his remote location

Models and Accessories:

Model Description
CYB-KT-100-SAT - Satellite hour, alarm and location meter. CYBERWATCH SAT complete kit includes: Cyberwatch SAT device in weatherproof enclosure, , internal GPS and SATELLITE antenna, built in browser. (External input module for 2 hour meter AND 2 alarm inputs are standard) Additional inputs are available by purchasing optional external modules that connect to same SAT device. 12VDC----voltage converter required for 24--36--48 VDC
CYB-INPUT-MOD Optional input module with 2 hour meter and 2 alarm connections. One input module is standard in a kit (2 hr meter + 2 alarm). You can add up to 2 more additional input modules for a total of 3 modules---that will provide 6 hour meter inputs and 6 alarm inputs. Price shown is for one additional input module. CYB-ACCEL-SEN
CYB-ACCEL-SEN Accelerator sensor with mounting bracket and magnet. Used to create 2nd hour meter input for measuring idle time (time when pedal is NOT depressed and engine is idling) (sensor is positioned by accelerator linkage lined up with "erasure head" magnet when the accelerator pedal is in the up (not depressed) position
CYB-FLEX-SOL Weather Resistant Outdoor Thin film amorphous silicon photovoltaic flexible solar cell (15.4v at 200mA) used to power CYBERWATCH in applications where no vehicle power is available
SS-REL-120/240 Solid state relay for connection and monitoring AC powered machinery----Includes relay and socket Plug In Relay, Contact Form 3PDT, 11 Pins, Base Type Square, Contact Amp Rating 10 R, Contact Amp Rating 10 L, Contact Material Silver Alloy, HP @120V 1/3, @240V 1/2, Coil Volts 120, Coil VA Rating 2.0, Overall Height 1.91In, LED, Socket 5ZJ16
12VDC-Tran 12VDC 1000mA plug in wall transformer for powering CYBERWATCH LAN device in AC machinery monitoring applications
HVC High voltage converter 36--48 VDC
MVC Mid voltage converter 24 VDC
Satellite Wireless Data Plan
CYB-SAT-WL-PLAN Satellite wireless plan includes 50 connections per month Satellite Model - Requires 36 month agreement signed at purchase. First 12 months wireless costs are billed upon initial purchase and then at the anniversary of the sale for the next 2 years. Then new wireless contract is renegotiated.
CYB-SAT-WL-OT Overtime charges for over 50 connections per month Overtime connection charges. Standard plan includes 50 connections per month. Connections can be standard scheduled reportings, alarm reportings, outgoing text or email connections or incoming text or email connections.


  • For monitoring usage and alarm conditions of any type of equipment in ANY remote location - anywhere in the world!
  • Mining machinery
  • Logging machinery
  • Oil rigs and oil platforms
  • Ships
  • Compressors, generators, pumps, furnaces.
  • Inexpensive monitoring of hours of usage - alarm conditions - location at time of transmission
  • Use device as communicator with Smartphone/laptop connection to device and transmission of text or email messages - to anywhere - anyone in the world!