• Access Control & Monitoring
    601 COLOR LCD Vehicle Monitoring System
  • Speed Control
    Top speed controllers for conventional
    cable and new electronic throttles
  • Abuse Control
    Prevents transmission abuse and tire wear by preventing high speed directional change
  • Forklift Weigh Scales
    Vanguard - Most accurate
    hydraulic scale on the market today
  • Video Drive Cameras
    SMARTIE 1-2-3 or 4 Camera Black Box
    Video Recorder With GPS and Impact Event Save
  • Wireless Hour Meters
    CYBERWATCH Cellular and WiFi hour meters
  • 3 Access Control Systems
    Designed for different applications, different fleet sizes and different budget
  • Impact Sensing
    LCD601 and 105 models include accelerometers
    that measure abusive impacts. Forklift can be
    programmed to shut down, event is recorded
  • 3 Forklift Weigh Scales
    Weigh-Alert Overload Warning, Weightroller Economical Weighing, Vanguard Hi Accuracy Weighing
  • RFID card enabling
    Use your company RFID identification card to access your equipment
View Video on Keytroller Product Line

View Video on Keytroller Product Line

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601 Access Monitoring System

601 Access Monitoring System

New generation KEYTROLLER 601 with color display and built in WiFi fit to ANY make or model equipment. Why worry about “tying” your fleet up with an access system supplied by an OEM? See why the new 601 is not only your best choice, it’s your most affordable one!
Advantages of RFID enabling (pdf)

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Featured Products

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